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November 28, 20234 min read

ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE RELATING TO PEOPLE? HERE'S A PIECE OF ADVICE. If you find yourself having a critical or negative attitude? This message may help you.

Having this kind of attitude means that you’re constantly engaged in fighting, criticizing or viewing everyone around you as your enemy….You are defensive and feel like everyone in life is trying to harm you or take something from you... You constantly feel that what happens in your life is unjust and that the world is against you... And you find yourself constantly causing conflicts, rejecting and criticizing, while at the same time avoiding and not confronting the issues at hand. You are rushed, worried, stressed about what's coming and unable to enjoy the present... And all of this causes the people around you to not like you, not want to spend time with you, or keep away from you... while this is making you feel very lonely and isolated in your own little world. You’re mind is very much out of touch with the world and you have a very narrow notion of what is "good and bad"... You seem to think that in many situations, only you are right and that the rest of the world is "stupid"... And you don't know how to relax and enjoy life, you become an unbearable and a person that is very hard to deal with. You have tried everything; perhaps now you stay quiet in the face of conflicts, but people still perceive you as annoyed. Perhaps you no longer explode as you used to, but now you engage in "coldness” with your silence and your bad attitude. People already feel cautious in your presence because they don't want to bother you, offend you, or have you take things personally... And you feel that people are not sincere, and it's hard for you to trust because you think they want to take advantage of you... And perhaps you're already thinking that the world is a "dark" place going through difficult times...

But the truth is that the only dark thing is your mind and emotions, which you project in this way onto the world you perceive. It's not that the world is unfair... it's that you are very sensitive to "changes in your plans" (very rigid). It's not that people are not trustworthy... it's that you project mistrust and are unable to face your fears. It's not that people are stupid... it's that you are focusing only on what didn't go well. It's not that life is against you... it's that your mind is stuck on what didn't go as you expected, and you lack creativity and openness. It's not that there are not good people... it's that you push them away with your stress and hardheadedness. It's not that life is getting harder... it's that negativity has accumulated inside you and you haven't let it out. And it's not that you're not capable of more... it's that you care too much about what others will say to allow yourself to fail at the beginning. I know what it's like to live a life of being out of touch and low self-esteem. I have lived it myself and and now am able to help  dozens of women to heal from this pattern.

I know how much you must be suffering and missing out on enjoying life...

Let me tell you that  there is hope. Life is not gray, dark, or negative. There are good people, and love exists...

You just have to make some very specific changes in your mind to move forward toward being able to enjoy life and expand your mind...

However, positive thinking alone is not enough. Having an open mind with high emotions you may be able to close your eyes and think about that dream that got lost. Your household chores became a priority, then the months and the  years have left that dream behind, feel and visualize the changes you'd like to see in yourself and in your environment, evoke an emotion and imagine that dream until it internalizes and becomes part of you, do it repeatedly, until it becomes a habit, persistence will change your destiny. Evolve so much that they have to get to know you again."

Coach Perla Luna

I am Coach Perla Luna , from Stage One In Action, this would be my first blog attempt, I would appreciate it if you could look it over and if you'd be willing to give me some constructive feedback on how I could improve it.

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