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Embracing Discomfort for Personal Evolution

November 27, 20231 min read

Embracing Discomfort for Personal Evolution


Many women often share, "Perla, I want to feel good about myself, but I feel uneasy doing what is suggested to me."


I could list 20 examples of things I don't like but are beneficial. Out of the 30 things I do that I don't love but are advantageous, the intriguing part is identifying those actions that may not bring immediate joy but serve my greater good.


The key lies in assigning a deeper meaning to these tasks. I can elevate their significance, understand why I engage in them, and contemplate the purpose behind my actions. By doing so, I connect with a greater outcome.


You might wonder, "Perla, will this eliminate the discomfort?" Not definitively, but consider this – discomfort can swiftly transform into gratification, satisfaction, and self-confidence.


Embrace the discomfort to such an extent that people need to reintroduce themselves to your evolved version!


Perla Luna

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